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We will consider resuming in-person worship only after we have reached the lowest level of acceptable risk and when the recommended policies & procedures are in place . Until then, please see our online worship service.

One of the strongest things we’ve been reminded of in these times is that the church is not a building. The church is the people of God. All of us together in one faith, one baptism, one Spirit. Even though we cannot be with each other physically, we have moved our worship online for the foreseeable future.


    We are preparing a trial in-person worship service for 10:30 am on October 18th in the Immanuel Sanctuary.

    The service will look different, yet it still gives us an opportunity to worship together as we maintain safety precautions. As Jesus reminds us ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ There is no commandment greater.” (Mark 12:31 NIV)

    Below is a detailed Church Council Resolution for return to in-person worship - with guidance from multiple synods and approval by the Church Council. If you will be attending the service, please read thoroughly as all will be required to comply. The basic requirements are to sanitize hands and have a temperature check at arrival and maintain physical distancing and wear masks at all time while on Church grounds (with the short exception of taking communion while seated). Singing and congregational responses are suspended during this time.

    Reservations will open on Tuesday October 13th at 10:00 am and are only accepted via telephone to the office at 208-344-3011.

    Church Council Resolution: Return to In-Person Worship This resolution is based on recommendations from the Bishop of the Texas-Louisiana Gulf Coast ELCA. The Church Council of Immanuel Lutheran Church, Boise, Idaho hereby resolves to resume in-person worship in the Immanuel Sanctuary on October 18, 2020 with a trial worship service. Future in-person worship services will be determined by congregational compliance with required safety practices and according to current CDC and Idaho Central District Health guidelines. Consistent with our calling to love and care for one another and for the health of our neighbors, any person attending in-person worship must wear a mask and maintain safe physical distancing. Those who are ill, have tested positive for COVID-19, or who are in vulnerable populations should refrain from attending in-person worship. Persons exposed to COVID-19, or who have previously tested positive for COVID-19, must refrain from attending in-person worship until at least [two weeks] after they have had no symptoms or have tested negative for the presence of the virus. Persons who choose to attend in-person worship agree to inform the church promptly if they learn they have been exposed to COVID-19. Notice of COVID-19 exposure should be made by calling the church office at 208-344-3011 and should inform us of the relevant date(s) of in-person attendance. The church will then make appropriate, anonymous notifications to others who may have been in attendance on the same date, so they may take appropriate steps to protect their health and safety. The church office will also notify public health authorities and will assist them in any efforts to undertake contact tracing.

    Worship Service Content:

    • Prelude music
    • Pastor’s Welcome comments
    • Confession and Forgiveness
    • Prayer of the Day
    • Readings Sermon
    • Instrumental music
    • Prayers of Intercession
    • Lord’s Prayer (congregation to either whisper or silently follow along)
    • Communion Blessing
    • Ministry news Sending music as pods are dismissed one by one for departure via Office area to Fort Street and back alley


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