Youth Committee

Main Contact

Gretchen Bingea, Pastor   208 344 3011


Bylaw C13.06.08: The Youth Committee: to consist of a minimum of five members (preferably to include both youth and adults), to provide for the adult leadership, encouragement and the utilization of resources that will enable Jr/Sr High youth to live out their faith as Lutherans in the world, by solidifying their Christian identity and developing a group cohesiveness.
As it is the whole Church's commitment from early childhood, 1) to promote growth and the deepening of faith and understanding, 2) to develop a sense of pride and ownership in the Church, it is the committee's task to capitalize on and follow through with what was begun at Baptism.


Oversee and support the youth activities planned throughout the year.  This includes working closely with parents and staff to ensure programs are well planned, resources are available, and activities are safe and age appropriate. In addition, the committee will build support of the youth programs within Immanuel by advocating for the youth, keeping the congregation updated on youth activities, and reporting regularly to the Church Council.


There are many Youth programs available to engage Junior and Senior High students at Immanuel.
Immanuel youth leaders may find the following list helpful in planning and organizing activities.

Junior High (Confirmation)

Current Curriculum

  • Treasure Valley ELCA Lutheran Churches jointly hold confirmation classes led by roostered leaders
  • Any curriculum changes are with the approval of Pastor and the Youth Committee

Servant Events

  • Thanksgiving Food Boxes
    • Late November
    • Contace Val Hanks or Jessica Seppa
  • Serve at the Pastor's requst from Sunday after Labor Day to Sunday before Memorial Day
  • Extra acolytes are scheduled as needed for special Sundays
  • Training is provided by Pastor

Summer Activities

  • Luther Heights
  • Volunteer for Day Camp

Senior High


TVL (Treasure Valley LIfe) once a month on winter worship schedule

Servant Events

  • Thanksgiving Food Boxes in November
  • Annual Dinner and Auction Fundraiser


  • Meets once a month on Sunday with TV Cluster Churches 12 - 3 p.m.
  • Hope Lutheran Chuch in Eagle hosts these events to foster faith, fellowship, and fun among the high school teens.

Friday night fun/fellowship Activities:

  • Just for fun activities planned by youth and leader
  • Typically once a month

Summer Activities:

  • Mission Trip
  • Luther Heights

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