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Lois Bauer


Appointed by Church Council.


Rejuvenation (ri joove nays hen comm mit tee) - a group chosen by the congregation to educate, gather information and provide a range of recommendations as to the physical elements within Immanuel's main sanctuary.  The Rejuv Project is considering the the physical space, sight and sound within the place of worship.


Committee meetings, articles on Church-designs, pictures of Church-designs, a tour of a local church, Temple talks, newsletter articles, a display in the Overflow Room, and comments from the Congregation have allowed the Committee to gather and present the information.  Please see click on the link below to see the REJUV booklet, which includes pictures of the proposed possibilities.
Links to the committee's documents:

Conceptual Design, with pews

Alternative design, an example from Trinity Lutheran in Ann Arbor, MI, with chairs.

Current construction, demolition in the Sanctuary and Fellowship Hall

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