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Bylaw C13.06.09: There shall be a Memorial Committee. It shall consist of a minimum of five members that represent the Congregation as a whole. Unlike other Committees, this one shall have three members elected (with staggered terms) to three year terms by the Church Council. The three elected members shall, with Church Council approval, acquire two additional members to the Committee. One of the elected members shall also be a Church Council member. The Committee members shall elect a chairperson from their midst. The Memorial Committee shall receive, deposit, record, acknowledge, and monitor all gifts given as memorials. It shall be responsible for an accounting of the gifts and earnings, find appropriate ways to spend all memorial funds received by the Congregation, make recommendations to the Council for the expenditure of undesignated memorials and ensure that funds and/or gifts received by the Congregation are utilized by the Congregation in the manner intended by the donor. A Memorial Book shall be kept current.


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