Larger Community

Recognizing that we exist and operate within a larger community, Immanuel contributes and participates in the following:

Immanuel Food Fellowshp

The Immanuel Food Fellowship is one of the most prominent activities of the Social Ministry Committee.  Beginning with the first meal served on June 3, 2014, this ministry has served or delivered meals to hungry people.  Focusing on homeless and low income familes and individuals, many of whom do not have operational kitchens in which to store and prepare food that can be obtained at a local food pantry, the Food Fellowship prepares and serves hot, nutritional and appetizing dinners to all who arrive on Tuesday evenings.  In 2015 Immanuel served and or delivered 4,263 meals while seating and serving a total of 2,839 individuals downstairs in the Fellowship Hall.  Immanuel has entered into partnership agreements for the donation of food with the Idaho Fook Bank and El Ada Community Action Partnership and has been designates as an Emergency Feeding Organization entitled to obtain USDA commodities.


Feed My Sheep Food of the Month:

Canned Corn or Green Beans (or any Canned Vegetable)

Eastern Washington-Idaho Synod

An extension of God's Lutheran body, the Synod publishes the Cross Connection, a monthly newsletter to help keep members in touch with the larger community.

Evangelical Lutheran Church in America