"Build Us Up, Lord!"

“Build Us Up, Lord!” Project Update –  August 31, 2018

The process of rebuilding continues!  In the Sanctuary, the electricians are filling the new metal “clouds” with power and the fire sprinkler pipes are being installed.  In the basement, the HVAC crew is hanging ductwork, the pier footings were poured and the framing for the restrooms is underway.  On the roof, demolition began to prepare for framing the roof deck for the HVAC equipment. The stained glass windows continue to provide warmth and beauty to the workspace and a hint of the beautiful space to come.

For your safety, please stay out of the construction zone. We continue to provide updates and pictures  to keep you informed of the progress.

Fall Worship Services

Starting Sunday, September 9, 2018, we will move to our Fall schedule with three opportunities for Worship:   8:30 AM and 9:30 AM in Augustana Chapel and 10:45 AM in Thomas Chapel.

Conversations in the Courtyard

During the recent Conversations in the Courtyard, Pastor Gretchen and the Liturgical Design Task Force introduced the ELCA “Principles of Worship” and opportunities to create unity and harmony in the Immanuel Sanctuary as part of the ReJuv project.  Conversations were held Sunday, August 12, 19 and 26 on “Worship Space and the Christian assembly”. For a review of our discussion please click here.     

It is a time of change and renewal and we ask God to guide us as we design the Church of tomorrow, today.  Important to our goal is designing a space that is appropriate for our congregation and our surrounding community.  We have a display board in the hallway outside the office area that explains some of the design concepts and provides example pictures of flexible worship space at another Lutheran church. The Liturgical Design Task Force is working diligently and prayerfully to provide recommendations to the ReJuv Committee and as the design evolves we will update the display to show the possibilities for our new worship space.

Financial Update

As of August 20, we have $987,800 pledged or given in support of our original goal to raise $950,000 over three years.  As we pass the mid-point of our second year of the Campaign, we have received $783,600 and with the project underway we have spent $147,800.  In June 2018, the congregation approved a revised project plan at a total project cost of $1.3 million and a Mission Investment Fund loan of $645,000.  The loan funds became available to Immanuel in mid-August and we expect to begin drawing funds from the loan in approximately mid-October to cover construction costs.

We welcome new gifts and pledges, as well as additional gifts from those who have already completed a pledge or are completing their pledge in 2019 and would like to give more.  These additional funds will help reduce the amount of loan we will need to take and the related interest costs.

Through “Build Us Up, Lord!” we are making essential building improvements so that Immanuel continues to be a gathering place to grow in faith and fulfill our mission to “Share God’s Gift of Love With All.”



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Current construction, demolition in the Sanctuary and Fellowship Hall

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